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Our History


Segafredo Zanetti Company was founded by Massimo Zanetti. The interesting fact is, that Mr. Zanetti, who was born Treviso, Italy, opened first Segafredo coffeeshop in Paris, France in 1988. Segafredo’s mission is to spread the taste, culture and the right method of preparing Italian espresso around the world. Segafredo Zanetti is now the leading espresso producer in Italy and around the world – 120,000 tonnes per year, as well as the company serves more than 70,000 customers and produces 50 million cup of espresso every day. At present, there are 11 plantation throughout the world, where coffee is roased and there are more than 600 Segafredo cafes.

There are four Segafredo Zanetti Espresso stores in Yerevan, 3 of which are located in the center of the city, and one in the Zvartnots airport, after Duty Free. Segafredo Zanetti Espresso Yerevan uses the Boutique type, which consists of 80% Arabica, 20% Robusta, due to which it is distinguished by pleasant taste, with no bitterness. The packiging takes place in Italy, Bologna, in the main factory.


Segafredo Zanttei is the leading espresso producer in Italy and in all over the world now. Segafredo also has more than 70000 customers and makes 50 cups of espresso every day.

The mission of Segafredo is to spread the taste, culture and the correct method of making an Italian espresso in all over the world.

Coffee ritual is necessary to face everyday challenges or make special meetings and situations. Segafredo Zanetti was founded in Yerevan in 2009. You can enjoy the best coffee and the Italian perfect cuisine here. Our cafes are located in downtown and are convenient not only for spending time with friends and families but also for business meetings.

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