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Segafredo Barista Academy Grand Opening

Now you have a great opportunity to become a barista. Segafredo Barista Academy is the only short way to become a barista.Segafredo Barista Academy is located on the second floor of Segafredo cafe on 3/37, Amiryan street.

Special guest of opening event was WBC and WCE Champion of Russia and China Sergey Stepanchukh.

Sergey Stepchuk told us how he had become a barista. 8 years ago I left to Australia to live there and when I thought in which sphere I can work in Melbourne I decided to make coffee in Chinese restaurant. First baristas started working in Italy. In 80’s barista was the most pretended profession thanks to Howard Schultz who opens the first Starbucks. In fact, this profession is very difficult, responsible. I remember when I was studying, they told me that a good barista should be able to make around 40 kinds of coffee. The most popular was Thomas Polti who made 680 cups of coffee with 2 coffee machines in Helsinki  Barista competition in 1999. When I was working in that restaurant I could make 53 cups of coffee in an hour. It’s too hard to make right and tasty coffee.

According to Figaro CEO Ani Hovakimyan, young people often apply to work as a barista. So the idea to have Barista Academy was born. In Segafredo Barista Academy our trainers will give you basic knowledge from history of coffee to the technical structure of the equipment and will teach to prepare 100 types of coffee and coffee cocktail.